Kate Lycett - The changing seasons

In my work, I am fortunate to meet a lot of creative and talented people. The creative mind brings with it lots of joy and challenges; it is always fascinating to see how people’s worlds unfold and new work is born.

Working with the artist, Kate Lycett is one of those joyous moments… it is like turing the page of a really exciting book, hoping there is something equally exciting on the other side. Kate never disappoints. She always has something on the back burner brewing.

Seeing Kate’s work develop and grow is one of my life’s pleasures and I am happy to be a part of her journey. Kate will be revealing something very exciting soon but I am sworn to secrecy…

Here is a little look in to Kate’s beautiful world…

Bridge Lanes
Stoodley Pike

For more information on the artist, Kate Lycett go to http://www.katelycett.co.uk



We’re going to be making a Music Video for the song “You Got All You Need” - come & play along with the song in the great outdoors! To support this collaboration, we’re really excited to announce that SONY is going to be sending out FIFTY new Music Video Recorders (SONY HDR-MV1) to some of the more prominent and established musicians in our community!


MUSICIANS: Play along to THIS SONG & RECord video yourself in Nature performing your part. You can download THIS ZIP containing all of the material you’ll need to contribute.

AUDIO CURATORS: Make an Album of the Audio RECords on the site that you’re inspired by and contribute it the collab. Please contribute Albums no later than TUESDAY, April 22nd at 12pm PST.


Contribute to the “YOU GOT ALL YOU NEED” collab HERE!


Photo by: Andrew Boyle



Photo by: Andrew Boyle



Lightbulb Session - bringing your ideas to life.

Welcome to your Lightbulb moment!

Starting something new can be scary and exciting at the same time, what you need to remember in the early stages is to let your ideas formulate, to be grounded and rooted in a vision plan first, before taking action.

So how can a Lightbulb Session help you?

An Lightbulb session is useful when needing help with the beginnings of a project, wanting inspiration or new ideas on an existing project. A lot of good ideas come from nothing. So take a leap of faith and begin your adventure, it is okay to ask for help and support. Starting your own business is all about communication and relating to others, breaking boundaries and being heard. Through this session we will have new ideas on the table, a clear vision plan and you will feel empowered to move on to the next step…

How can I book in a Lightbulb Session?

For your first  lightbulb session I will send you over questions, to guide the meeting on what you want to focus on and then we will work on these areas and strategy from there. Book your first session here with me, fiona@happy4pr.com and you can have you session online via skype or face to face at Happy 4 pr HQ.

Lightbulb Top up Sessions – to have continued support and lightbulb ideas throughout the year, or help with the existing project.
After you first Lightbulb session you may want a Top Up throughout the year, which has worked well in the past for previous clients.

To Book your Lightbulb Session, email me fiona@happy4pr.com.

Payments for Skype connections are paid before the session via Paypal fiona@happy4pr.com or at the session in person. For the first session I recommend 2 hours. If you are unsure, always email and I will get right back to you.

Look forward to meeting you soon.


Céline RTW Fall 2014

Photo by Giovanni Giannoni

The fall collection was as wide-ranging a lineup as Phoebe Philo has ever shown.  For More

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A preview to jewellery designer, Judith Brown’s Wedding Collection

JudithBrown-HollyBooth-94 You have recently done a shoot for your bridal collection, what colours and styles will you be featuring?  

The style of my bridal collections is elegant, pretty and delicate, and I use vintage mother of pearl buttons, antique lace and even lace I have made myself with the traditional technique of tatting in the designs. A subtle range of delicate shades from snow white, through to ivory and vanilla cream feature in the collections. Some designs are hand embroidered with tiny glass beads, embellished with lace like silver wire stitching and finished with freshwater pearl and glass bead drops. Pretty flowers feature in both the vintage and handmade lace designs.

JudithBrown-HollyBooth-170Vintage is a major influence in your work, what else is inspiring you in 2014? 

I often take inspiration from antique dress and textiles, and am working on a collection of designs inspired by Tudor portraits following a research trip to London at the end of last year, so this collection will include semi precious gemstones such as garnets, amazonite,aventurine and pearls, I’m looking into using some some gold in these designs too. Looking further forward I have ideas for next years collections which will bring more colour into my work, so I have been collecting pictures to create a mood board for that, so far there are images of delicate plants and flowers such as spring blossom, delicate seed heads and embroidered fabrics and dresses which reflect the same ideas, colours like vintage peach, duck egg, warm cream, gold sea green and silvery white.

Have you any workshops lined up this year, and where will they be held and what is your theme? 

For the spring I have 3 workshops lined up

March 22nd 2014 ~ Wire Jewellery with haberdashery. Full day workshop at Hope and Elvis, The Welbeck Estate, Nottinghamshire. www.hopeandelvis.com

March 23rd 2014~ Wire Jewellery with vintage lace. Full day workshop. The Beetroot Tree, Derbyshire. www.beetroottree.com

April 26th 2014 – Two half day workshops. One with Vintage haberdashery, one with Vintage Lace. Debbie Bryan Studio and Shop, the Lace Market, Nottingham www.debbiebryan.co.uk

The workshops are all inspired by my collections and there’s a chance to experiment with my techniques and make at least one piece of jewellery.

JudithBrown-HollyBooth-17Recently you have been exploring new techniques and processes…. please tell us about this? 

I have been learning the traditional lace making of tatting, so that I can make my own lace to transform into jewellery. This is a technique which involves creating series of knots to form stitches and these stitches then can be formed into rings, and then abstract or often floral motifs. Traditionally it’s used to make lace doilies or edgings for fabrics, but I am using it to create small motifs that I can use for jewellery and stitch into with my wire stitching technique. I’m also going on a natural dye workshop so that I can dye my own threads for this technique and hope to achieve subtle shades which are not commercially available.

Vintage Blanc and Noir  - are both stunning collections, do you find it difficult to create new styles of jewellery or does it come naturally to you? 

I am generally inspired by exploring a technique and how I can give new life to the unusual materials, vintage hooks and eyes, antique mother of pearl buttons, that I use in these collections. I particularly like making something so plain and functional like the hooks and eyes seem really elegant and feminine in my designs. I look to vintage and antique jewellery to get ideads for shapes and styles of the finished pieces. As long as I give myself the time to get inspired, collect ideas, then I just love making new things!


Holly Booth Photography @hollyphotobooth http://www.hollybooth.com

Fig Tree Road @fizzybunting http://www.figtreeroad.com

Sian Revill @SianRev_MUA (make up and hair)

Heavenly Vintage Brides @heavenlybrides http://www.heavenlyvintagebrides.co.uk

Dunwood Hall @dunwoodhall (venue) http://www.dunwoodhall.co.uk


Helaina Sharpley…as you have never seen before.

Helaina Sharpley from The Factoryline on Vimeo.

Happy 4 pr really enjoyed making this film for Helaina Sharpley  : )

Architecture, Art and the love of a Tea with artist, Helaina Sharpley

Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 09.21.36What is your background, how did you begin? 

I started my business in 2006, after graduating from Hereford College of Art and Design with a BA (hon.) in Design Crafts.

What era would you like to be born in? 

I’d like to have been born in the late Victorian era, so I could have fully enjoyed the Edwardian era… and I’d have to have been middle or upper class, otherwise living conditions were rather grim.

IMG_0690sWhy does this inspire you? 

These times had great elegance.  Things were created with fine detail and precision - you only have to look at the architecture to see this…seaside piers, railway stations, lampposts… ornate decoration was added to everything!  I also love the idea of formalities and etiquette in society, where ladies took afternoon tea , with prearranged conversation topics and linen to match the season.  In my imagination, it was a wonderful gentle time….I know it wasn’t all sweetness really though!

Describe your process and inspirations around your work?

I collect a lot of ‘inspiration’ (more commonly known as hoarding….)  I have lots of books, old postcards and ephemera, tea cups, tea pots, cutlery, tea trays, cake stands… And I like these things to surround me, so I can see them everyday.  I draw my designs using sepia ink and a mapping nib.  These drawings become the templates for the wire work, and all the wire is shaped and twisted using my hands, pliers and wire cutters.

IMG_1292sWhat events and shows are coming up for you? 

I recently sent work to the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, for the second year running I’ll be showing with Byard Art, Cambridge.  I’m also nervously excited to have been accepted to take part in The Other Art Fair www.theotherartfair.co.uk

What are your top tips for relaxing outside of work? 

Drinking tea and eating cake….

Helaina 25 06 13-18-1sYou have just finished your first art film, are you going to do more.? 

Oh I don’t know about that!  Let’s see how this one goes down first! ;)  I think there is great scope to tell more of this story and hopefully my work will show me the way…

You have been working hard behind the scenes on your website, when is the launch date? 

Soon!  Hopefully April time.

Clare College, Cambridge300sWhat is your favourite quote? 

'Let them eat cake.'

If you could dress as an Edwardian lady everyday and drink tea, would you?

I’ve been thinking about this long and hard…. If I still had to go to the studio - no (I try to walk to work, and I’m quite a speed walker - I think the long skirt would get in the way!  Also, I think the corset would soon become wearing!)  However, if I could be a lady of leisure, then YES!


Designer Sarah Williams - Williams British Handmade debut at Pure London

Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 09.40.07

Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 09.59.29

Come along today at Pure London, stand number R312 to see designer Sarah Williams - Williams British Handmade

Getting ready for fashion week with designer, Sarah Williams

SarahWilliams-0041Williams British Handmade premiers at New Brits Village at Pure London. 

Williams Handmade launches its Spring Summer Country Collection and their Conceptual 1985 ‘back to the future’ at Pure’s New Brits Village. Designer, Sarah Williams is excited about this next step in her career and described it as “a really exciting prospect to show my collections to so many influential people in the industry in one place”.

The ethos behind Williams British Handmade is to produce pieces that will raise the appreciation of hand craftsmanship. Each piece is handmade, using traditional skills and techniques to produce unique and timeless designs using the finest English Bridle leather.

“I will be showing two collections, the “1985 collection” and the “country collection”, both very different designs but based on the same principles. The “1985 collection” which was previewed in the Selfridges concept store is based on my childhood memories of being brought up the 1980’s and bringing some of the fun and excitement of this era into a collection of unique handbags.

The “Country Collection” is a range of handbags and satchels, each named after a village in Herefordshire, the home county of designer Sarah Williams. The collection takes a classical style and brings up to date with on trend colours and unusual shapes.”

WilliamsHandmadeSarah Williams 

Williams Handmade gained accolades already in her short career; including Accessories Collection of the Year Award at ITS#NINE, The Accessory Award from Absolut Vodka and chosen by Fashion East to show at London Fashion Week. Sarah was shortlisted for the Ketel One Modern Craftsman Award, as well as being selected by Selfridges as one of their Bright Young Things. This season will be Williams British Handmade third consecutive collaboration with Womenswear and Jewellery designer Kirsty Ward showing at Paris Fashion Week. The duo first met at the International Talent Support competition in 2010 which they were both finalist. Williams Handmade brings the classical leather designs which Kirsty then adds her unique jewellery embellishments to create a truly unique style.

Visit Stand No R312 

For more details on Designer Sarah Williams and Williams Handmade, contact Fiona@happy4pr.com 07939 687 805

Acid ceo, Dids Macdonald supports designers in their IP rights, featured in Drapers

Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 18.35.29Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 18.35.00